This project was designed for a Youth and Cultural Center which was planning to be built by the Selçuk Municipality. During design process; the texture, scale and the climate of the environment were taken into consideration and a responsive design was prepared since Selçuk has been inhabited over nine thousand years. The structure could form big volumes due to its function. However; considering the neighborhood scale and climate data, it was designed as separate volumes. The internal street was designed in order to combine the Kubilay Road and the sports facility on the East part of the site. The internal street also divides the site into two pieces, on one side of it there are workshops while on the other part there are bigger volumes such as event halls. A platform is designed in order to bind these two volumes and create different alternative spaces on the upper level, it also provides cover for lower level. During the design process of this platform, the existent trees and climate conditions were taken into consideration. Lastly, a wooden structure is designed in order to provide screen for the outdoor cinema. This wooden structure gives priority to the internal street and the existent trees.

Client Selçuk Municipality
Date November 2016
Location İzmir / TR
Team Oğuzhan Aydın, Sinan Tuncer, Semih Yeşilmen, Yücel Demir