Making this 80 m² single-storey area on the street in Göktürk visible, eliminating the structural weaknesses of the place, arranging the circulation setup of the store and office functions in the needs program and limiting the relationship with each other were determined as the main objectives. In this context, a mezzanine floor was designed by making use of the limit values of the existing height in the space and moving away from the façade in order to overcome the problems, and this relatively more isolated part of the space was used as a work office.

Apart from this, each of the elements placed in the space can be seen as part of a holistic composition with its own plastic value, serving the intended fiction. In creating this composition, the design was directed by taking into account the criteria such as harmonious use of color, simplicity and elegance contained in the products of the Tiedup brand.

Client Tiedup
Date January 2021
Location Göktürk, İstanbul
Team Oğuzhan Aydın, Sinan Tuncer