This project was designed for Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality to provide municipal service building. During design process; site conditions, current city conditions, planning decisions that show the new additions to the city which was given by the municipality were taken into consideration. Project covers 45.000 m2 area and it consists of service building, conference hall, library, exhibition hall, restaurant and nursery. The design provides a transition between the existent city texture and new high-rise settlement area by changing the height of the buildings. Another element that forms the design is the city vista on the South part of the site. All of the service, social and cultural units are located on that part which provides advantageous use of vista and sunlight. Extending from this idea, circulation is located on the North; main circulation is provided by a transparent volume which takes place on that side and social part of the building is pushed to the South. 

Client Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality
Date September 2016
Location Balıkesir / TR
Team Oğuzhan Aydın, Sinan Tuncer, Semih Yeşilmen, Yücel Demir