In this project, where the construction conditions such as the total construction area, height limit, rates of open and closed exits were determined by the municipality and the decisions on the sales conditions such as the distribution of the unit houses according to their size, the number of rooms, the types of materials that can be used, and the cost limits were determined quite clearly by the investor group, the architectural interpretation of these sharp data was the main objective.

In this sense, the design was shaped over a holistic mass structure that accepts the obscurity of the surrounding development, instead of interspersing and sliding the single apartments shaped with the unique window, balcony, roof and eaves habits of the construction sector in Turkey. While the large area in the middle of the residential blocks was transformed into an uninterrupted interior space as common areas, all vehicle circulation was kept away from this area by being limited to the road in the outer part of the residential blocks and the underground garage sections.

Client Aktaşlar Group
Date November 2021
Location İstanbul / TR
Team Sinan Tuncer, Oğuzhan Aydın, Birsel Saygılı