Evkur Florya housing project is located in the northwest of Florya, in an area in contact with Atatürk Forest. The expectation that villas will be included in the project as well as different types of flats, and the forest and sea view that can be seen from the second floor have revealed the need to examine and question the conventional approach in which residential blocks and villas are placed in different parts of the parcel.

In the project, which consists of six blocks of different sizes, forming a common courtyard by keeping the boundaries of the L-shaped parcel, and oriented towards the cultural facility, forest and sea view, contrary to the usual, the villas are placed on three-storey residential blocks, thus allowing them to have a view. The project, designed with a modular approach, has a setup that allows the entrances of apartments from the short facades of the blocks and the entrances of the villas from the semi-open transition spaces of two floors. In addition to separating these two housing types with independent entrances, the form, façade setup and material preferences were also differentiated, and it was aimed to enrich the perception of the masses from the outside.

Client Evkur
Date March 2023
Location İstanbul / TR
Team Sinan Tuncer, Oğuzhan Aydın, Duygu Bingül Aydın