University campuses are urban living spaces on a small scale. Therefore, campus life is not just about research and education. Campuses are social areas that provide social and cultural contributions to students, offer the opportunity to develop themselves, and have a strong communication network. University campuses should have spaces and activities that can be used by the citizens living in the region, as well as the students and faculty members of the university. This communication union has an important role in the development of the environment and the university. In this context, the building that is designed in this area, which is the focal point of the campus in terms of the formation of cultural interaction and the establishment of the relationship between the city and the university; is aimed to make the environment defined and identified in terms of needs program, space, function and circulation fiction, and to create an inclusive socio-cultural backbone that can be integrated into this existing structure, taking into account the gauge of the Historical Police Station Building.

In parallel with this mentioned goal; although the Vişnezade District seems to have formed almost spontaneously, it is intended that the building, which is designed in an area located at the intersection of the city and the campus, is more human-oriented than many new settlement characters, and is an inseparable part of the neighborhood and to be accepted by this social pattern.

Client İstanbul Technical University
Date December 2019
Location Maçka, İstanbul
Team Oğuzhan Aydın, Sinan Tuncer, Birsel Saygılı, Bedirhan Bedir, Merve Erker