Located on a relatively small parcel at a point where traditional buildings are densely populated and where zoning conditions are shaped in this direction, Kandilli House is designed as a simple residence that maintains the continuity of the visual relationship with the Bosphorus and differs from its counterparts while adapting to the texture of the region. The house, which is formed by the intertwining of horizontal and vertical slabs, includes the living spaces of a family of seven, a working area that is intended to be used as an office with an independent entrance in the future, a semi-open space created under the roof in line with the limited opportunities in the use of the parcel and the need for open space.

Behind a semi-permeable secondary façade system that is placed between the building and its physical environment, the building has a façade setup formed with as transparent surfaces as possible, shaped by the Bosphorus view, which is one of the most important parameters of the design. The secondary façade system, which reinforces the movements of the horizontal and vertical slabs, was designed as a precaution to maintain the privacy of private areas, as well as to ensure the most reasonable and controlled use of daylight.

Client -
Date February 2021
Location Kandilli, İstanbul
Team Sinan Tuncer, Oğuzhan Aydın