Sinan was quite innovative for his period, and his attitude towards developing new typologies actually makes him a quiet innovator long before the renaissance and an architect who slowly changes and transforms assumptions. As a matter of fact, being aware of this most important factor in the fact that Sinan's works are so precious, instead of a top-down approach here, being aware of the place, location, scale and climate where it is located, feeding from here, allowing urban life to flow through it and different encounters, transforming the place where it is located into an urban space, with a sub-reading, it is precisely by making the structure transparent and the open-closed space hierarchy is good. We aimed to prepare a ground that can be integrated into the modern world by carrying traces such as the effort to add to public life by constructing and that makes visitors ask the question "I AM HERE, I AM TELLING YOU SOMETHING, DO YOU KNOW ABOUT THIS?"

In today's customary architectural practice, it is a common expectation that the museum structure attributed to a historical event or personality has to face a situation beyond the physical context of the given environment, that is, to try to create a feeling beyond a structure by looking at the personality attributed here from the present. At this point, in this building, which will tell about Sinan and even include a program such as an architectural center, contrary to what is expected, we consciously do not want to create this feeling through habitual references and we want the visitors to turn to a different questioning and to perceive the concept of modernity in Sinan's essence in a strong way by pulling them out of the situation they are accustomed to. Thus, we want to take design only within the framework of the data and program of the place and learn from important buildings such as Gevher Nesibe Healing House, Çifte Medrese, Vezir Han in the geography we are in, and we want to embrace Sinan's modernity within the framework of local modernity by making a more inside reading of modernity, which we try to transfer to design with the awareness of what happened before and local values.

Client Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality
Date June 2021
Location Kayseri / TR
Team Sinan Tuncer, Oğuzhan Aydın