The single-storey reinforced concrete building, which is used as a warehouse and dining hall, is located in a place that can be described as the center of Palanga Art and Architecture Farm.

Considering the extensive program that will include the farm management office, a staff cafeteria where guests can be hosted at events, and a temporary red meat chopping facility that will be converted into a poultry chopping facility in the future, a new design has been proposed by preserving the reinforced concrete structure of the existing building.

To create a service line and direct the building towards the grape vineyard and Munzur Mountain views to the west, a circulation mass was added to the east. This provides access to the meat processing plant and management office at the south end of the volume, and to the staff cafeteria at the north end, without direct interaction between functions. In order to adapt to the climatic conditions, the roof was raised towards the south end of the building, and the office function was placed in the volume formed by this elevation.

In the design of the building, which will be located in a geography where construction production is relatively difficult, modular wooden structure, modular panel walls and modular wooden facade panels were preferred in order to facilitate the production process and increase the production quality.

Client Palanga Sanat ve Mimarlık Çiftliği
Date Ocak 2023
Location Erzincan / TR
Team Sinan Tuncer, Oğuzhan Aydın, Duygu Bingül Aydın