This project was awarded honorable mention in the national competition which was carried by Süleymanpaşa Municipality. It covers 20.000 m2 close and 9.000 m2 open area; the main concern about the design is to integrate the area to the city from different points and direct the pedestrians which are coming from different levels just as in Rüstempaşa Complex. These integration points will provide entrance to the areas with different purposes while they are directing pedestrians to the entrances. Organization of the buildings create small streets and functional spaces which allows people to spend time even after the work hours. This fluidity and motion provide a pleasant environment by the help of interior and exterior space organizations.

Client Süleymanpaşa Municipality
Date August 2017
Location Süleymanpaşa, Tekirdağ
Team Oğuzhan Aydın, Sinan Tuncer, Semih Yeşilmen, Yücel Demir